The marketing platform for barbershops

Managing the digital presence of your barbershop can be a pain in the tail.
Marketing Backend is here to help.

Collect reviews, manage business listings, and improve the online reputation of your barbershop with the Marketing Backend platform.

Marketing services and solutions to help your barbershop grow

Marketing Backend provides a full suite of digital marketing services and solutions that help you use the internet to grow your barbershop.

We offer all of our clients their own personalized online dashboard where they can see exactly how their business is performing based on multiple online factors. This dashboard offers access to all of our digital marketing solutions on one convenient platform. On top of that, our software allows beauty shop owners to manage their entire online presence in a single place.

Become the most recommended barber in your city

We know that referrals are a huge part of your barbershop’s business. Nowadays, people trust online reviews as much as in-person word-of-mouth. That’s why it’s crucial for hair barbers to keep an eye on their online reputations.

Our online reputation management solution helps you collect more positive reviews and build your online reputation so that you can become the go-to barber in your area.

A barbershop website that's as slick as your haircuts

When a person is researching barbershops in their area, they usually turn to the internet first. This means that your online footprint is just as crucial as your beauty shop’s physical storefront.

Your shop’s website is its online home. Make sure you make a good first impression with a professional, responsive site that looks great on a mobile phone.

Appear everywhere potential clients are searching

There are dozens of different online platforms and directories where someone may search for a barbershop. With our listings management solution, you create your business listing one time, and we’ll sync it out to all the major directories so that your potential clients will find you no matter where they’re looking.

Show off your work and build connections through social media

It’s no secret that social media plays a huge role in barbershop marketing today. Social media allows stylists to show off their beautiful work and build relationships with people in their community.

However, keeping up with comments and posting an endless stream of content on multiple platforms can be challenging. Our social media marketing solution allows beauty shops to stay active on multiple different social platforms from one easy-to-use dashboard.

How does your barbershop stack up against the competition?

Not sure if your digital marketing is working? That’s what we’re here for! We’ll send you a free report that shows how your beauty shop is performing online based on multiple criteria. This will help you see your strengths and weaknesses so you can move forward with confidence.

free online business report card