Become a successful Independent Marketing Consultant today!

Become a successful Independent Marketing Consultant today!

Wait... what is this?!

It’s so easy to become a marketing consultant with our comprehensive training and support program! Discover the freedom and earning potential that comes with running your own business in the exciting world of marketing. Join our community of like-minded professionals today.

I want more details!

We train independent consultants in the very best practices for today’s marketing landscape.  You begin by enrolling in our online course, which walks you through:

  • Our proprietary all-in-one software solution for managing every client’s needs
  • How EXACTLY to make money and scale until you’re content
  • An overview of the top products and packages to offer your clients
  • And much more…

After you are done with the course — it’s go time!  It REALLY IS that easy.

And our team of experts and professionals are just a message away within our Slack network.


Of course knowing the lingo and being able to work your way around a conversation is important in any industry.  We are here to help you though, so no worries!  Our course and product tutorial videos will show you everything that is necessary to have success.

Then you’re in the right place!  You are more than welcome to service the client yourself if you so desire.  In fact, being the service individual is the quickest way to grow your income.  However, if you want to just sell the products and services, we have agencies in the background ready to hand the work off to — all while you earn monthly income from the service.

The possibilities are limitless.  It’s very simple to earn $100+/month off of each client.  Making your car or house payment can happen within the first month!  If you’re looking for more than just supplemental income and are ready to hustle, then the sky is the limit!  Our course will walk you through pricing, selling, goal setting, and much more!

Our Independent Marketing Consultants are legally considered as 1099 Contractors.  A 1099 consultant / contractor is simply someone who works independently.  So we are not your employer or your boss.  You set your own hours and your own goals, while we support and encourage your efforts along the way.

Marketing Backend Brand Identity-05
Marketing Backend Brand Identity-05